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Many people are attracted to chug puppies for their small size. The cliche’ of a designer dog is often associated with movie stars and celebrities carrying around a cute little pup in their Chug Puppy Clothing¬†purse with a cute outfit on.

The fact of the matter is, not all chug puppy owners are celbrities, but that does’nt mean you can’t outfit your pup with some stylish gear.

Here are some designer clothing ideas for your chug puppy:

1. Sweaters and Coats. Chug puppies are often suceptible to the cold temperatures, so why not outfit him with some outer wear?

Online stores that have sweaters and coats for your chug puppy:

2. Hats. While it may not be that practical, hats will set your chug puppy apart from others in the pack.

Online stores that have hats for your chug puppy:

3. Boots. Boots will keep your chug puppy’s paws warm on those rainy or snowy days.

Online stores that have boots for your chug puppy:

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