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Do Chug Dogs Shed?

by | January 8, 2010 | In Chug Breed Info, Chug Health

If you are particularly attached to your clean furniture or if you have allergies you may be wondering if chug dogs shed.  The short answer is yes. Both pugs and  chihuahuas shed their coats, but not as much as furrier breeds such as huskies. It is also important to keep in mind that chug puppies are small and if they are a short haired mix, will have thin and fine coat. This results in less shedding overall.

You may think that shedding is a drawback to getting a chug puppy, but keep in mind that overall they have very little grooming requirements. Dogs 101 on the discovery channel even goes so far as to say that chihuahuas only need to be bathed once a month. However, we have found that if you want your pup to smell pristene, you should bathe him more frequently than that.

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